Vision, Mission, Values, Council’s Roles


The Halton Food Council envisions a Halton where:

  • all residents have access to adequate, affordable, safe, nutritious and culturally

    acceptable food;

  • there is a fair and sustainable food system (e.g. local foods are available and promoted, local agricultural lands and farmers are protected and supported, urban agriculture is encouraged, and food has been produced and distributed in an environmentally acceptable way);
  • food is an important part of our heritage and culture.



The mission of the Halton Food Council is to encourage and facilitate dialogue and collaboration among food related organizations, agencies, services, food producers and distributors, consumers, business and government to develop strategies for the promotion and facilitation of the vision and bring it to action.


Members of the Halton Food Council are committed to the following values:

  • Right to Know — People have a right to know what's in their food and where and how it was produced
  • Access — All people should have physical and economic access to healthy, local food
  • Economic Viability — Local food businesses should be valued, supported and vibrant
  • Sustainability — All sectors of society share in the responsibility for creating and

    maintaining a local sustainable food system*

Role of the Council

  • networking/education – build new partnerships and enhance networking between

    existing food system stakeholders in Halton

  • coordinate/analyze – identify and prioritize food system needs in Halton and support creation and implementation of initiatives
  • evaluation – establish benchmarks and targets for achievement of mission/goals
  • funding – lever community resources to support mission/goals
  • policy – identify policy changes which support goals and advocate for their



* A food system includes food production, food processing, food distribution, food access, food consumption, food education and waste management.