Halton School Garden Network


The Halton School Garden Network supports the growing school garden movement across all of Halton Region. We offer support for new and existing gardens at schools, early care and education centers, community centers, and after school sites. We want to be able to:

  • Improve children’s health and well being by supporting and promoting best practices in garden-based education.
  • Connect educators and school garden leaders around Halton Region to free resources, funding opportunities, and inspirational stories via a robust communications network.
  • Offer free workshops and technical support for new and existing school gardens.
  • Support garden-based education in urban and rural communities around Halton Region, using regional expertise and community connections.
  • Bring together a diverse group of individuals to establish goals and priorities for the school garden movement in Halton Region.

We want to create a place where educators, parents, students and community members from all cultures and socio-economic spheres can find resources that address their community's specific needs. We hope this space will serve as a forum for people within and across Halton Region to share ideas and resources in an environment that is inclusive, respectful, and equitable so that we can learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives.

We are committed to promoting ideas and values that help build a more diverse and inclusive school garden movement, focusing on health living, environmental awareness, and, above all, happy, healthy children!

Share your expertise and help the community grow. Join the Halton School Garden Network and connect with fellow teachers, administrators, local volunteers and experts to grow your school gardens!

Halton School Garden Network has a lending library of resources available from books on turning compost, to kits to start seedlings in your classroom in addition to:

  • FREE resources and curriculum-linked lessons
  • Garden mentorship, skills training and workshops
  • Food System and nutrition education
  • Tools and classroom grow kits
  • On-going support and resources
  • Regional school garden map
  • “Teen Apprentice Programs” (TAP)
  • Volunteer opportunities

To be part of this exciting network please reach out to us at:


Download our information poster to hang in your school and join the network!

Halton School Garden Network - Information Poster