Sauerkraut: the secret life of cabbage

Welcome to the wonderful world of fermentation. Below you will find step by step instructions on how to make sauerkraut. Before we get there, however, please read the general safety recommendations below. Fermentation is part science, part biology, part art, and part magic. It involves a transformation of elements that releases the nutrient potential of…

Spoiled for the Holidays: The Joys of Seasonal Eating

It’s early December in Southern Ontario and despite unseasonably warm weather, my thoughts are slowly turning towards the comfort foods of winter. Even though I am still regularly harvesting carrots, broccoli, turnips, spinach, kale and chard from my garden, a deep longing for roasted root vegetables, soups, and stews made with hearty ingredients and speckled…

Halton Region – Rural Agricultural Strategy Report

Halton Region is developing a Rural Agricultural Strategy to identify how the Region can, within its mandate and resources, support the long-term sustainability of the rural economy. The Halton Region Rural Agricultural Strategy Background Report and Appendices will inform the development of this strategy. See Halton Region for more info.    

Farmland at risk

Report prepared for the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and Ontario Defence.

Greenbelt Fund – local food investment fund

The Greenbelt Fund is now accepting Local Food Investment Fund inquiries. Guidelines are available at Greenbelt Fund.

Upcoming Events

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The Halton Food Charter

One of the first initiatives of the Halton Food Council was to develop a food charter to share its vision for a sustainable food system that benefits the community and the environment.