The Charter

The Halton Food Charter is the cornerstone of the Council, defining a vision for a sustainable food system that benefits our community and our environment.


The Halton Food Charter defines a vision for a food system* which benefits our regional community and environment. It provides a forum for the community (e.g. individuals, organizations, businesses, institutions, local and regional governments in Halton) to engage and participate in conversations and actions related to the following Vision.


The Halton Food Charter envisions a Halton where:

  • all residents have access to adequate, affordable, safe, nutritious and culturally acceptable food;
  • there is a fair and sustainable food system (e.g. local foods are available and promoted, local agricultural lands and farmers are protected and supported, urban agriculture is encouraged, and food has been produced and distributed in an environmentally acceptable way);
  • food is an important part of our heritage and culture.


To increase awareness of food systems issues and opportunities in Halton region and communicate with a common voice to promote action.

Expected Outcomes

  • Awareness of the community’s food needs (e.g. completed Community Food Assessment).
  • Access to nutritious food, with a focus on locally grown fresh produce for Halton residents.
  • Increased use of locally grown food in restaurants, schools, regional and community facilities.
  • Awareness of food grown and produced in Halton.
  • Sustainable and strong local agricultural economy.
  • Retention of valuable farm lands in Halton and increased use of such for sustainable agriculture and food production.
  • Support for urban agriculture (e.g. community gardens, rooftop gardens).
  • Establishment of a broad network of people interested in working together to advocate for a fair and sustainable food system.

* A food system includes food production, food processing, food distribution, food access, food consumption, food education and waste management.



To endorse the Halton Food Charter, click here.