Working in Community Gardens

Halton Food Council has been active in many community gardens, running workshops with kids of all ages. Two of our staff members, Andrea and Helen, visited Kerr St. Mission as guest speakers to teach a workshop entitled “Life Lessons from the Garden” - all about caring for the garden and each other. Kids of all ages at the summer camp were learning about planting, vermicomposting, pollinators, and biodiversity!

The HFC also works in high-priority communities around Halton, where we have developed thriving community gardens. These gardens are full of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Each week an HFC staff member is present in the gardens, where the residents (and kids) know they can visit to help care for the garden, and ask any questions they have about the plants. The residents are free at all times to visit the garden for a harvest of fresh food. This way we ensure that everyone has access to fresh local food.

During our visits to the gardens we also connect with our weekly garden assistant, who has volunteered to water the garden. Each garden has attracted lots of attention this summer, producing enormous cucumbers and zucchinis that the residents love to take home. A great example of the garden work comes from one of our regular visitors who took home a bag full of herbs, lettuce, and eggplant - who returned the next day to have each individual species identifed!  Great learning and great connections take place in these gardens, as we work to make them a safe and fun place for all.

One of our goals this summer is to expand the variety of food in the gardens to meet cultural demands of residents. Many garden visitors have recently moved to Canada and would love to have access to produce from their home country. The Halton Food Council along with the Halton Community Housing Corporation conducts tenant advisory meetings, where we get to speak with community members about what new produce they would like to grow.

To invite us to participate in your event or visit as a guest speaker, please reach out to us at