Win a Chance for a Free Composter

Thank you to everyone who entered our May contest and to Halton Region for providing the composters.

SurveyMonkey Quiz Answers

  1. What are three ingredients used to make compost tea? Water, compost, molasses
  2. What is one benefit of a pallet garden? Any of the benefits listed in the blog.
  3. Name one health benefit of rhubarb. Any of the benefits listed in the blog.
  4. During what two months do most farmers’ markets open? May, June
  5. What is the name of the event that the Halton Food Council will be holding on May 30? Policies, Practices & Partnerships: Reducing Food Waste Symposium
  6. What will be the give-away for the May contest winners of the SurveyMonkey quiz? Composter

SurveyMonkey Quiz  

By correctly answering the questions in this quiz, you will automatically be entered into a contest to win a free composter courtesy of Halton Region.

Tip: the answers can be found in the following articles in our May 2017 newsletter:

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Learn how to build your own pallet garden

Rachel’s Kitchen - Celebrate spring with a rhubarb chutney

Savour Local – Welcome to the 2017 farmers’ market season

Council News - Policies, Practices, & Partnerships: Reducing Food Waste Symposium - May 30

Open to Halton Region residents only.

Entry deadline: June 2, 2017