Art in the Garden

To cultivate. We use this verb to speak of growth and potential. To cultivate a garden means to prepare for growth: to tend the soil in a way that anticipates the needs of the plants and provides them room, nutrients, and the capacity to flourish. To cultivate culture, means to nurture what is best in the human spirit and prepare for life and success. It involves both opportunity and access to knowledge and skills. Any gardener knows that the true source of life is in the soil. Like an artist preparing their pallet, a gardener must ensure that the soil has the right combination of colours to flourish. Every teacher knows that a child’s mind must be cultivated: carefully tended to, protected, and nourished with the right kinds of food. A child without the opportunity to creatively express themselves through culture, is like a garden planted on poor rocky soil: they will grow, but you cannot expect them to flourish.

A gardener's pallet

Art in the Garden is an innovative partnership between ArtHouse, Halton Community Housing Corporation, Oakville Galleries, Burlington Art Gallery, and the Halton Food Council. Its goal is to link mind and body through a process of cultivation that utilizes the power of art and gardening to help create a vibrant community for member of the Halton Community Housing complex at Margaret and Maurice and Walkers Fields.

2015 was a great year. Thanks to Rona for providing us with the lumber to expand last years raised beds. We added 2 new beds to the M&M site. In 2016, four new gardens were established in Oakville and Burlington.

Urban agriculture is more than just growing food. It helps create a sense of community by bringing people together around the most basic and life giving force: food.



Who doesn't like getting their hands dirty? The children dug in like pros.

Now that we got the dirt in we can start planting the seeds. A good garden grows more than just food. It is a place where people share stories and experiences. It is a place where healthy relationships to food form.


All the spring plants are in the ground and peas are trellised up.

Time to enjoy a little pizza provided by Halton Community Housing Corporation.



The kids were great at painting the sign and pounding the stake into the ground.

Decorating the boxes and putting up the sign was definitely a favourite activity.

The Garden in full bloom is truly a sight to be seen.

Enjoying the fruits of our labour and preparing for a community dinner with a bowl of fresh salad.



Learning how to feed the garden by making compost tea.

The success of the garden program allowed us to expand into Burlington. It was a little late in the season, but we were happy to get another community involved.