kNOw waste – Burlington community food waste exhibition

Know waste_CC_2016-07-08On Sunday May 29, 2016, the “kNOw Waste” Food Exhibition was held at Tansley Woods Community Centre in Burlington to educate individuals and raise awareness about the impact of food waste and to promote responsible consumerism.

It was organized by Chris Choi, a Notre Dame High School student, and Taylor Meneghini and Rishia Burke from Community Development Halton. Teen volunteers from Burlington also helped throughout the event as a part of the Change the World Initiative that aims to empower youth volunteerism.

During the event, posters and booths displayed creative waste reduction procedures. Three cardboard boxes were covered with chalkboard paint and participants were able to come and write their thoughts after reading about how food waste impacts the world. In addition, beanbag sorting activities and dinner plate making exercises also involved young children in the topic of food wastes.

In another booth, a representative from Food for Life was present to discuss impacts of food waste and ways to become further involved to take action. There was also a slideshow presentation that displayed statistics about food waste. Such information included:

  • Approximately $31 billion worth of food waste is generated each year in Canada
  • About 40%of food gets wasted in Canada
  • Average household in Canada wastes $28 on food waste/ week

In addition, free jam and toast from the local food bank were served to many participants, helping individuals acknowledge the easy accessibility and high standards that food banks retain in the community.

After individuals had gone through all the booths, they were able to take a sheet of trivia questions and check their improved knowledge on food wastes. If the participants were unable to answer all of them, they were encouraged to look around the exhibition again.

By Chris Choi